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Dreamtime Mattress


Dreamtime Queen

Our Dreamtime mattresses have pocket springs, a durable covering with a fibre top layer plus multiple foam layers of varying densities to provide a great mattress at a great price. Pocket springs minimise partner disturbance while cushioning your body as you sleep.

  • Pocket Coil Springs are strong and durable, the springs are individually wrapped and conform to the unique shape of your body. When you toss and turn, the Pocket Coil Springs go to work, softening and cushioning your body at every turn, so you sleep peacefully and undisturbed. 
  • No Partner Disturbance The pocket coils only move beneath your body, guaranteeing minimal partner disturbance when you change position in bed.
  • Knitted Cover with a durable fibre support layer the on top level.
  • Firm Density Foam Layers work along with your springs to add support and structure to the mattress.
  • Non slip fabric on the bottom minimises movement of the mattress on the bed.

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